Rebekah Fonden

Rebekah is a native of Washington. She is currently an anti-trafficking consultant using her lived experience to create change in WA systems. She attended the University of Washington, Seattle receiving a degree in Communication and Business Entrepreneurship. In 2019 she attained an internship for the Superior Court in the King County Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) Task Force division working with stakeholders in King County and surrounding areas to progress anti-trafficking efforts. She worked for the Lantern Project as the Healthcare Alliance Coordinator providing education for healthcare professionals. In 2021, she worked with BEST to launch the Not Alone Campaign to raise awareness to human trafficking.

She is a current Rotary member of the PNW Ending Sex Trafficking Club. In 2022 she was voted in as Board President of the Organization for Prostitution Survivors (OPS). She is also a current member of WashAct and a member of the Policy Committee.