Support and Justice for All Harmed by Sex Trafficking & Sexual Exploitation

The commercial sex industry is a market where sexual violence is perpetrated against Washington's most vulnerable and diverse communities.


WASE Forward proposes and supports legislation to reduce sex trafficking and exploitation in Washington state.


WASE Forward mobilizes a statewide network of CSE experts and grassroots advocates to strengthen policies and systems for people experiencing sex trafficking and exploitation.


WASE Forward educates policy-makers and the public about proven solutions to reduce sex trafficking and exploitation in Washington state.

We hope you will join us to advocate for our most vulnerable communities.

WASE Forward is thrilled to announce that Governor Inslee signed Substitute Senate Bill 5114 on May 4, 2023, providing an infusion of funding for culturally responsive and survivor-centered programs that will support adults who have experienced sex trafficking in Washington. This bill was written specifically by and for survivors of adult sex trafficking and marks a significant milestone for WASE Forward. We’re honored to have played a role in bringing this legislation to fruition and remain committed to advancing the well-being of survivors in Washington.
WASE Forward is proud to be recognized as the 2022 Organization Human Rights Leader by the Seattle Human Rights Commission. We are a grassroots movement working to strengthen policies and systems for those experiencing sex trafficking and exploitation. We advocate and amplify human rights by lifting up the voices of our most vulnerable communities in Washington state.