Legislative Priority:HB1089/SB5114

Policy Summary:

  1. Create a network of healing, support, and transition services for adults with lived experience of sex trafficking tailored to the self-determined needs of each individual.

  2. Services may include advocacy, safety planning, housing, direct client assistance, substance use disorder treatment, medical and mental health services, legal advocacy, translation/interpretation, education, job training, and employment opportunities.

  3. Prioritize culturally-competent and gender-inclusive services for communities that are disproportionately impacted (Black and African American, Indigenous, LGBTQ2IA+, Latine, and Asian and Pacific Islander).

  4. Prioritize parts of the state that lack service.

  5. Involving sex trafficking survivor leadership in service provision and funding process.

Proviso Summary:

Fund a study to assess the impacts of the commercial sex industry on Black and African Americans in Washington state, with a special focus on Black and African American persons who identify as female. 

The study will produce a report that makes culturally-informed and survivor-informed policy recommendations on reducing sex trafficking and sexual exploitation of Black and African Americans in the commercial sex industry in Washington.